Plex hack means it's time to change your Plex password

Plex Hack

Bad news everyone: In a blog post to customers, popular media server app Plex has confirmed that the servers hosting the company's blog posts and forums were hacked on July 1st.

Reporting that the hackers nabbed IP addresses, forum private messages, email addresses and encrypted passwords from anyone who has logged into the Plex forums, the company has taken the precaution of resetting all of its forum users' passwords and emailing anyone affected.

The company is claiming that there's no evidence the intruders compromised any other databases, it's taken the forum servers offline to fully investigate the breach.

Per-Plex-ed about the safety of your payment info?

All other systems are still online and operational and the company is claiming that because users' credit card and other personal information weren't stored in the breached systems, that this sensitive data was unaffected by the hack.

Despite the fact that the stolen passwords were 'hashed and salted' if you were using a simple password without lots of numbers, capitals, lower case letters and symbols, it could be easy enough for the hackers to decrypt this information.

It's for this reason the company suggested the password managers; 1Password and LastPass, which can create and remember all your secure logins for you.

Joel Burgess
Staff Writer

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