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Corsair has made the wireless PC gaming setup of our dreams

Corsair wireless gaming keyboard and wireless charging gaming mouse
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Wireless gaming peripherals, once bemoaned for adding latency, are now the prized by all PC gamers for the mobility they add. Last year, we saw one of the first wireless gaming keyboards from Logitech, and now Corsair is getting into the game with the Corsair K63 Wireless at CES 2018.

This ten-keyless (meaning without a number pad) model is the company’s first wireless keyboard. While it might look late to the game, Corsair is offering lighting that the Logitech G613 doesn’t offer. As with its other keyboards, this one is equipped with 100% Cherry MX Red keys with a blue-colored backlight that’s customizable through Corsair's CUE software.

Users can set the keyboard to operate in either a 1ms 2.4GHz or power-saving, low-latency Bluetooth wireless mode. Of course, you can plug in the keyboard through an old-school USB connection, too. Corsair also promises wireless encryption, preventing nefarious individuals from tapping into your wireless keyboard signal to steal your passwords and other sensitive data.

The Corsair K63 Wireless releases today priced at $109 (about £80, AU$140), and the company is launching a new wireless Lapboard for $59 (about £40, AU$75). Alternatively, you could get the two as a combo for $159 (about £120, AU$200).

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The Corsair K63 Wireless looks spectacular

The Corsair K63 Wireless looks spectacular
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Strapped into the new wireless Lapboard

Strapped into the new wireless Lapboard
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Charge Corsiar's new wireless mouse and iPhone X at the same time

Charge Corsiar's new wireless mouse and iPhone X at the same time
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A comfortable gaming mouse indeed

A comfortable gaming mouse indeed

Completing the set

Along with the K63 Wireless gaming keyboard, Corsair announced a new Dark Core RGB wireless gaming mouse. It features a 16,000 DPI optical sensor that users can micro-tune by single DPI resolution steps. You'll also be able to customize the left side of the mouse with two, interchangeable side grips.

Corsair promises up to 24 hours of constant wireless gameplay when operating in both 1ms 2.4GHz or the low-latency Bluetooth wireless mode with full RGB lighting turned on as well. There’s also an SE version of the Dark Core RGB that's outfitted with an integrated wireless Qi charging when paired with the MM1000 mouse pad.

It’s similar to the wireless charging solution Logitech introduced with its PowerPlay mousepad. However, because it’s using the Qi charging standard, users will be able to drop their iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 and any Qi compatible device. The MM1000 mouse pad can also charge other devices with USB micro USB and USB-C Qi wireless charging adapters included in the box.

The Corsair Dark Core RGB wireless gaming mouse will later this month for $79 (about £60, AU$100), and the SE bumps up the price to $89 (about £70, AU$110). Meanwhile the MM1000 wireless gaming mouse pad rings up for $79 (about £60, AU$100).

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