Papershow digital pen livens up PowerPoint

Forget counting sheep, PowerPoint is the best cure for insomnia ever made

It's a little known secret that PowerPoint was invented by Starbucks to sell more coffee. If you can stay awake after slide 3 without a triple-shot latte, you're a better man than I.

Here's a way to make your presentations slightly less tedious - a digital pen that lets you note or doodle directly on PowerPoint slides.

Like other digital pens, the Oxford Papershow uses 'special' (ie. expensive) paper to enable you to view your scribblings instantly on screen. Unlike some, though, its USB Bluetooth dongle gives plug-and-play functionality on any PC at up to six metres.

Who's taking minutes?

Icons in the margin of the paper can be tapped with the end of the pen to change the thickness or colour of the writing, flip between slides, start audio/video clips, insert a Post-It note or send the pages as an email.

Stick some of the posh paper in your printer and you can print out your presentation in advance, letting you circle items, add arrows or simply draw digital moustaches on faces. When you've finished, the final scribbles can be exported to PDF or PowerPoint format.

Oxford Papershow will be available shortly for around £120.