Fujitsu doubles down on security with business-focused PCs and tablets

Fujitsu Q520

Fujitsu has announced a range of new devices aimed at enterprise clients. The devices include a new Arrows tablet, four Futro thin clients and three Esprimo business PCs.

The Arrows Tab Q704/PV is a Windows 8.1 device powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and has a 12.5" wide-format LCD screen.

The device comes highly equipped for security with a compact palm vein authentication sensor and the ability to delete data remotely. It has received a 2014 Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC) outstanding product award for its security features.


Among the four Futro thin clients announced are the desktop S720, the mobile notebook ME734 and the A4-sized notebook MA574. In addition, Fujitsu has also release the L420, a so-called "groundbreaking" thin client (or "zero client") with no operating system, CPU or storage.

Fujitsu has stressed the benefits of thin- and zero-clients. In addition to minimising maintenance, it says, such devices also help to strengthen security.

"With Fujitsu's virtualization solutions and complete line-up of zero and thin client terminals, businesses can bring the benefits of more secure work environments to a variety of operations," the company said in a press release.

The Esprimo line of business PCs has been updated with the ultra-compact Q520/J, the high-end D753/J and the multi-functional D583/J. Two new workstations with updated CPUs have been released in Fujitsu's Celsius range.