Report: AT&T iPhone Christmas sales dominate Android

iPhone 4S
The iPhone reportedly crushed Android sales at AT&T stores in December

Apple's iPhone made up a whopping 66 per cent of all sales made at AT&T retail stores during the Christmas period, according to a source within the mobile carrier.

The Mac Observer reports that between December 1st and December 27th, AT&T sold 981,000 iPhone devices compared to just 128,000 Android phones.

The Android figure accounts for 8.5 per cent of total sales made in store, which is even eclipsed by sales of basic flip and slider phones (8.6 per cent) made by the company.

That means for every Android handset sold, AT&T shifted 7.8 iPhones, according to the unconfirmed numbers.

AT&T's iPhone legacy

RIM is said to have fared even worse than Android with only 5 per cent of all sales, but most observers would have expected the gap between iOS and Android to be much smaller.

AT&T's chief rival Verizon has been the biggest backer of Android within the US, while it only began carrying the iPhone in April this year.

Until that point the iPhone had been available exclusively on AT&T, since its launch in 2006, so the huge gap can partly be accounted for by customers upgrading to the recently released iPhone 4S.

The figures, however, do not include sales made through Apple, authorised resellers or those made through AT&T's website or telephone lines.

Via: MacObserver

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