B&O BeoPlay A3 - new stylish speaker dock for iPad

B&O BeoPlay A3 - new stylish speaker dock for the iPad
Speaker's corner

Bang & Olufsen has shown off its latest speaker dock for the iPad, which will turn the heads of design nuts everywhere.

The BeoPlay A3 has been given a wedge design - a wedge for those with wedge - so the dock can be used both upright and on its side, and is also shaped in such away that even if you lay it flat it's easy to view content on it.

Designed for both music and movie playback, the dock essentially turns your iPad into a mini TV – the iPad actually slots into the middle of the device.

Sound choice

As for sound, well it's as meaty as it can be on a dock of its size. There's an omnidirectional two-inch woofer, three half-inch tweeters and the whole thing weighs an impressive 1.5kg.

The dock also comes with its own battery, which can knock out tunes for around five hours and will charge your iPad when connected to the mains.

The BeoPlay A3 is available now in black and is priced at a rather high-end £449.

B&O did explain to TechRadar that the device is only for the original iPad and iPad 2 at the moment, but it is working on adapting it for the new iPad.

This is all to do with the rubber case you have to put the iPad in before connecting it to the A3, so we can't see there being that much of a delay for new iPad compatibility.

Marc Chacksfield

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