Apple Tablet rumour round-up

Apple has invited leading videogame journalists to its 27 January event in the US, with Kotaku reporting that it has received its invite to the launch. "We have been anticipating a major move from Apple in the games market for some time," said CVG editor Tim Ingham. "This could well be it."

7. The Apple iSlate will be 10 inches

How big will it be? For months we've heard that the size of the Apple iSlate would be seven inches or nine inches, but somebody close to Apple has deliberately leaked key details to the Wall Street Journal including a "10 to 11-inch touchscreen".

We'd certainly trust the WSJ ahead of, which claims to have a leaked Apple spec sheet detailing a 7.1" tablet running "clouded Leopard". Hmmm.

As we put it in December, "we're looking at a device that is essentially a super-sized iPod touch".

Apple tablet

GROWING UP: "A super-sized iPod touch" is exactly what the Apple iSlate is likely to be. Are you excited yet?

8. The Apple iSlate used to be seven inches

It's possible that the smaller sizes were Apple iSlate prototypes, as an anonymous designer has told TG Daily that it's almost impossible to get hold of 10.1" LCD or OLED screens from any Asian manufacturer as Apple's bought the lot. LCD and OLED suggests either multiple models or a twin-screen Apple iSlate, with the former much more likely than the latter.

It's likely that TG Daily has been misinformed, however: Ars Technica spoke to the OLED Association and discovered that "there's no real production of 10.1-inch panels" for anyone to hoard.

9. The Apple iSlate will cost around $1,000 and sell squillions

The WSJ says that the Apple iSlate will cost around $1,000, which sounds about right: that's one and a bit iPhone 3GSes. Even at that price, Reuters reckons it's going to sell shedloads.

If the Guardian is correct, mobile phone firms may subsidise that price - although of course that means committing to a two-year contract when it's entirely possible the second generation tablet will ship next summer.

Ultimately, though, there's only one thing you need to know about the tablet: Steve Jobs is "extremely happy" with it. If it's good enough for Jobs, we're sure it's good enough for us.

10. It's "the most amazing device ever"

So says Jason Calacanis, web entrepreneur, CEO and the man who is about to be struck off of Steve Jobs' Christmas card list. On his Twitter page, he may well have sprung the biggest leak Apple has had since, well, never.

Calacanis says he has the device and it can be used as a: gaming device (Farmville on it is sick!), e-reader and has back and front cameras so you can have uber-cool video conferences.

Is he right? Only time (and there's mere hours left) will tell.

Carrie Marshall

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