Apple rumor roundup: June MacBook Pros, iOS 6 Maps, new iPhone parts

Apple WWDC 2012 announcement
Apple's annual WWDC is shaping up as the place where a trio of rumors may become reality.

What's better than a juicy new Apple rumor? Well, how about a trio of them?

If you're in the market for a new MacBook Pro or just curious about the iPhone 5 and what iOS 6 might bring, we've assembled some of the latest hubbub.

There's already been quite a number of predictions about a new MacBook Pro with updated Ivy Bridge processors, Retina Display and possibly USB 3.0, but the latest report pins a date on its arrival: June.

The bold prediction comes by way of RBC Capital, who issued a note to investors claiming that new MacBook Pros would arrive soon after WWDC 2012, which kicks off in San Francisco on June 11.

Countdown to iOS 6, new iPhone 5

As if that's not enough, iOS 6 is widely expected to be previewed at the same developers conference next month.

It's likely to arrive with a completely new built-in Maps app, which kicks Google to the curb in favor of Apple's own.

Leaked photos promise 3D maps with a completely redesigned interface, a new navigation bar and even a fresh new look, replacing the standard iOS blue with a new silver color.

Last but not least, there's the next iPhone expected to be released this fall when iOS 6 actually hits the street.

A new report reveals what the sixth-generation handset could look like. Based on images of a new back plate, we may see a smaller dock connector, and it could come in additional colors aside from black or white.

The new design also relocates the 3.5mm headphone jack to the bottom of the device, and yes, it appears to be taller than the current iPhone, in keeping with recent rumors that the next version will introduce a larger screen.