15 best iPhone apps that could save your life

Your iPhone isn't just for making calls and playing games

Apple would currently have you believe its mobile platform is all about games, and naysayers moan that available apps are of no substance, primarily consisting of 59p fart apps.

However, as time moves on, people are increasingly using iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps for important things, such as work and, according to Mashable, saving lives.

This got our thinking cap all heated up. Outside of pocket first-aid guides, allergy apps and blood pressure note-takers - and away from apps specifically designed for medical professionals - in what other ways could an Apple device potentially save your skin?

Below are 15 apps that could get you out of serious and distinctly 'less serious' life-threatening situations. Let us know in the comments which other iPhone apps you think could help save your life.

1. Email 'n Walk (£0.59)

Don't get run over by a bus when composing an email on the go! Instead, have Email 'n Walk provide a view of what's in your path using your iPhone's camera.

Email n walk

2. Dactyl (free)

Near-death experiences (nearly being squished by a falling piano, almost being run down by a crazed taxi driver, and so on) become actual-death experiences if your reaction times are slow. Sharpen your reactions with Dactyl, the rough equivalent of a whack-a-mole game designed by someone who's had far too much coffee.


3-7. GymFu (£1.79 per app) and RunKeeper (free)

Getting fitter can save your life, and doing so needn't be expensive. RunKeeper Free, which costs nothing, provides stats tracking during walks/runs, and GymFu's quartet of £1.79 apps trains you in push-ups (PushupFu), pull-ups (PullupFu), squats (SquatFu) and crunches (CrunchFu).


8. Weather Pro (£2.39)

Avoid getting struck by lightning by checking Weather Pro's radar and satellite screens before you go outside. If clouds and storms are rampaging towards you, hide in a cupboard.

Weather pro

9. AroundMe (free)

Ensure you don't run out of petrol and starve to death on the M4 by using AroundMe to find your nearest petrol station. (And for Apple fan-boys who can't go two days without treading the hallowed halls of an Apple Store, AroundMe also enables you to find your nearest House of Steve in an instant.)