Acer bringing greener 'always-on' PC to UK

Intel technology
Intel technology

Taiwanese computer giant Acer has teamed up with CyberLink and Intel to bring a computer to the UK that you can leave on without having to feel too guilty about the environment.

The problem with media streamers is that they are far from green because of the need to leave them powered up.

However, the collaboration between the three companies should allow the Acer Aspire M5700 desktop to give a greener solution – using Intel's Remote Wake Technology (their capitals) and CyberLink's Live Premium remote media access web service.

Unnecessary PC power consumption

"We are pleased that Acer and CyberLink are supporting Intel Remote Wake Technology on the new Aspire M5700 Consumer PC with Cyberlink Live software allowing consumers to have anytime access to their digital content from connected devices while reducing unnecessary PC power consumption," said Intel's mobile platforms group Marketing Director Joseph Van De Water.

"Intel Remote Wake Technology provides the keys to unlocking the digital lifestyle needs of the mainstream and multimedia PC user by providing perfect balance of access and energy efficiency."

"Protect the Earth"

Obviously, leaving anything on is less energy efficient than turning it off, but Acer believe it is important that people who are likely to keep their machines powered up can take advantage of technology to minimise the impact.

"Acer is proud to work with Intel and Cyberlink to protect the Earth through Acer's Aspire M5700 desktop computer, said Acer's Allen Jong.

"By our joint efforts, users may access and enjoy their multimedia from anywhere, anytime.

"Moreover, this technology solution enables the user to play an active role in protecting our environment by reducing carbon dioxide and unnecessary electric usage."

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