New Intel Solid State Drive 310 is smallest yet

Intel's new Solid State Drive 310 is its smallest to date
Intel's new Solid State Drive 310 is its smallest to date

Intel has just released its latest solid state drive, boasting a considerably smaller form factor than past SSDs.

Intel's Solid State Drive 310 Series offers similar performance to the popular X25M SSD but is around an eighth of the size.

Embedded apps and dual-boot notebooks

Intel sees customers using this new SSD 310 Series for things like embedded apps (small, autonomous computers), as well as flagging a whole range of potential industrial and military uses.

As far as consumer tech goes, Lenovo has already selected this new SSD, with Tom Butler, director of ThinkPad product marketing noting:

"The Intel SSD 310 series will allow us to provide the advantages of a full-performance Intel SSD paired with the storage of a hard disk drive in a small, dual-drive system."

A dual-drive system will allow you to put all your system and apps on the SDD for fast boot and launch times, while also keeping your main files and data on the cheaper and 'old fashioned' 2.5-inch hard drives.

The SSD 310 series also matches the X18/25-M series' MTBF of 1.2 million hours and operating shock of 1,500G/0.5ms

The SSD 310 series is now shipping to manufacturing customers at a cost of $99 for 40GB and $179 for 80GB (though that's based on a minimum order of 1000).

Via Intel

Adam Hartley