Good news for Chrome fans: dark mode is about to get a shade darker

Google Chrome
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Chrome dark mode is a welcome change from Google's traditional bright, white interface, but it doesn't change the color of every single part of the browser. Thankfully though, that's starting to change, and an update coming soon will give one of the browser's most important features a new, darker look: the scrollbar.

As Techdows reports, a new flag (a switch that allows you to try experimental features before they're ready for release) has appeared in Chrome Canary that will render scrollbars in a darker shade.

This will only happen on websites that support dark mode, and will give the browser a more uniform look. The update will apply to Chrome for Windows, macOS, ChromeOS and Linux.

Turn down the lights

In our tests, although present, the flag didn't seem to be operational yet, but some users have reported it working as described.

To give it a try, first make sure dark mode is enabled for your device, then download and install the latest version of Chrome Canary and enter chrome://flags in the address bar. Search for 'Web platform controls dark mode' and select 'Enabled' from the drop-down menu. Re-launch the browser when prompted.

Google Chrome flags

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Now visit a site that supports dark mode (such as Twitter) and the browser's scrollbars should change color to match. If not, like us, you may need to wait a little longer.

The presence of a flag doesn't mean a feature is guaranteed to be rolled out to the release version of Chrome, but it's generally a good indicator. We'll keep you updated if and when it's launched fully.

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