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This is our biggest clue yet the Apple Car is real

Apple Car

While Apple has yet to officially confirm it is actually working on an Apple Car, three new domain registrations attributed to the company has given us the biggest hint that it is going to be an actual thing.

According to Whois records today, Apple has registered the domain names, and, MacRumors discovered.

The domains are not live yet, and of course, a registration like this could easily have been doctored, but the report notes that the domains were registered through MarkMonitor, a company that protects brands from fraud and "cybersquatting."

Still, despite news that Apple has been hiring engineers and employees from other car companies and rumors that the Apple Car will launch around 2019 or 2020, there has been no confirmations from the company itself.

By registering these domains, Apple could either be readying to announce the Apple Car or simply be protecting itself for a possible future in making cars and stopping others from using the domain, and it could also end up using the domains for its CarPlay system as well.

Whatever the case may be, we'll still be keeping a eye on the new domains, as most signs do point to an Apple Car announcement sooner rather than later.

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