Ford says the future is buying your car via iPad

More iPads than an Apple outlet...

Have you ever imagined what the car dealership of the future looks like? Well, Ford has, and it looks a lot like the car dealership of today with iPads.

Ford today announced it is updating the car buying experience by injecting a dose of pure internet – better late than never – and putting those newfangled Apple tablets to use.

The changes see sales staff guiding customers as they use an iPad to customise their new car, selecting everything from its interior to those soon-to-be-scuffed alloys with the tap of a screen.

While deciding which features to include in the finished model, customers can sit in cars on the dealership floor and use Ford's voice-activated SYNC technology to explain what each feature does – particularly useful if your salesperson has an irritating voice.

They have cars on the internet now

Once ordered, customers will be updated via email (ooh, fancy) on the progress of their order, culminating in an in-dealership "selfie" beside the new car (if that's your thing).

Ford also plans to update its after-sale experience by introducing online service scheduling, automated reminders via email and SMS, and arming service reception staff with iPads to review the work that's about to be carried out.

Potential buyers in Sydney and Melbourne will be the first to benefit with over 20 dealerships having already undergone the transformation.

While many of these upgrades are certainly welcome, we're struggling to explain why they're not already the norm at dealerships for every car manufacturer around the country. Still, it's better late than never to join the 21st Century.