TomTom Go 50 and Go 60 nav units land in Australia

TomTom Go 50
Get directions in 3D...ish

Announced late last year, the TomTom Go 50 and Go 60 units are finally available in stores across Australia starting today.

With slight name changes, the units themselves still tout 5-inch and 6-inch touchscreens - completely redesign from previous TomTom nav units.

In the new units, you can set your route, change your route, save locations or search points of interest by clicking anywhere on the map rather than through the usual search inputs required of sat navs of old.

Along with features such as Quick Search and Route Bar for info on your travel route, the new units also have 3D maps for CBDs across Australia for better location spotting.

Live Traffic

The TomTom Go units also boast Lifetime TomTom Traffic, which means your unit will have the option to connect to your smartphone for live traffic updates across the country.

The traffic information is updated every two minutes, with indicators on the map for traffic, incidents and road closures, along with scrolling info as you approach 50km of any incident on your route. Traffic incident details can be seen by the drive with precision from as close as 10 meters.

If you have data concerns, TomTom has assured us when the units were announced that if you tether your phone to the company's Live Traffic app for an hour a day over a month's time, data would likely add up to only 7MB.

The TomTom Go 50 (5-inch model) will retail for $199, while the Go 60 (6-inch model) will be priced at $249.