TomTom defends iPhone app/cradle price

TomTom cradle
TomTom cradle

TomTom has answered many of the pressing questions around its iPhone sat nav app, insisting that the cradle and app bundle represents good value for money and that Google's decision to add turn-by-turn navigation was not a concern.

MacFormat handily put all of the TomTom answers to an invitational Q&A on its website, although the constant talk of price leaves the sat-nav giant looking a little defensive over the £100 cradle and £60 iPhone app.

When @Mutley627441 said "I would like to see why they think that £160 all in is a fair price! A TomTom is cheaper!" and @big_blue_wolf added "Why is the cradle so damn expensive? It's put me off buying the App and cradle. Can buy a stand alone unit for a lot less." The response was:

"We price our application competitively and also feel that with the existing technologies and our frequent, free updates, we offer a sat nav solution that is value for money."


One of the big discussions in the sat-nav world is around Google's decision to move into turn-by-turn navigation through its Google Maps and Street View, but TomTom insisted that it would cope.

"TomTom strives to provide the best navigation experience. Through technologies, such as IQ Routes, we believe we can provide the best in routing and maps."

You can check out the full list of questions and answers on Macformat.

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