Nokia in-car satnav gives you music and video

Nokia has entered the in-car satnav system market with its Nokia 500 Auto Navigation device

Nokia has taken the route into in-car satellite navigation with the launch of its first all-in-one GPS in-car system, the Nokia 500 Auto Navigation.

The Nokia 500 Auto Navigation in-car satnav system follows Nokia's recent move into mobile phones with integrated GPS satnav systems, such as the Nokia N95, 6110 Navigator and E90 Communicator.

It comes with an integrated GPS receiver and large 4.3-inch colour display, as well as Nokia Maps software and pre-installed regional maps. In addition to its satnav capabilities, the Nokia 500 Auto Navigation device also acts as a Bluetooth handsfree kit for mobiles, with speaker and microphone built in.

Satnav functionality includes visual and spoken directions, with turn-by-turn routing and points of interest (petrol stations, hotels, landmarks etc) marked on the maps. You can get contact details for these so they can call them en route as well.

The Nokia 500 Auto Navigation also features Traffic Message Channel Service updates to avoid traffic jams, while the device uses split screens to show travel information and directions, and provides a Nokia-style user-friendly interface.

Built-in music and video player

The satnav system device has a built-in music and video player, and allows users to view photographs on the display. An FM transmitter also enables you to play your music through the car's radio.

The Nokia 500 Auto Navigation device is expected to go on sale in the fourth quarter of this year, priced at around 300 euros (£200).