Rolls-Royce's self-driving concept car gives new meaning to land yacht

Rolls Royce Vision Next 100

Rolls-Royce released its vision of the next 100 years of extravagant automobiles and it comes with some incredible technology, including a personal assistant, autonomous driving and more.

The VISION NEXT 100 concept car not only continues the spirit of Rolls-Royce's elegance, but steps into the world of advanced driver assists by introducing the "Voice of Eleanor" (Eleanor is the winged female visage gracing each Rolls-Royce hood).

Eleanor will become a Rolls-Royce owner's personal digital assistant and chauffeur. The future system's artificial intelligence allows 'her' to remind occupants about itineraries, schedules, appointments and other tasks which apps such as Siri, Cortana, and Google Now already do.

However, Eleanor can do something neither of the aforementioned assistants can do: drive your Rolls.

Rolls Royce Vision Next 100

As part of Rolls-Royce's "Effortless Journey" design tenent, the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 is autonomous. No longer will the rich have to pay a person to drive them around, instead, Eleanor will drive itself (a no-less-than $200,000 ride) around to pick up passengers, and notifies riders their destination is approaching so they can be "ready to 'perform'."

Once at its destination, the VISION NEXT 100's glass canopy will lift, giving room for occupants to stand while still being sheltered from the elements. The doors of the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 will then automatically open and a running board will slide out with a splash of red light simulating the red carpet entrance every time a person exits the car.

Narrow, 28-inch wheels created from 65 individual pieces of aluminum will convey owners to their destination in a "futuristic catamaran". Through Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 'Grand Sanctuary' concept, customers will be surrounded by handcrafted wood paneling (similar to many other Rolls-Royces) with a generous OLED screen viewable from the rear passenger 'sofa'.

Rolls Royce Vision Next 100

Since this view of the future is a fully-autonomous vehicle, there's no need for unsightly steering wheels or other inconvenient contrivances. In fact, the VISION NEXT 100 could be mistaken for a small viewing room on wheels, filled with a transparent screen, pillows, sumptuous interior materials, and drapery.

In the similar fashion that the 'Spirit of Ecstacy' design was used for the vehicles of the past, the Voice of Eleanor will be the guiding theme for vehicles of the future. And, of course, the graceful Eleanor figure will still stand front-and-center on the 'futuristic catamaran'.