Place your order: Honda's high-tech NSX supercar goes on sale

Honda NSX
Fancy some hybrid hotness from Honda? You can place a £5,000 deposit today.

Fire up your cheque book, because hybrid hotness in the form of the new Honda NSX supercar has just gone on sale. The only snag is that you'll have to wait until 2015 for delivery.

Still, with around 400hp from a high-revving 3.5-litre V6 (cue choruses of "VTEC just kicked in, yo") and a pair of electric motors, things will presumably move quickly enough when it finally arrives.

The V6 petrol engine powers the rear wheels, while the electric motors hook up to the fronts. The whole ensemble is known as Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive or SH-AWD for short.

Honda NSX

Intriguingly, this new NSX is being developed and built in the US, though it will be sold in the UK.

Phil Crossman, Honda UK Managing Director, said, "We're still two years away from the launch of the car and yet we've received over 20 deposits and that's before we've even announced prices or seen the final production car.

"Early hand raisers can now visit any Honda dealership in the UK and place a deposit."

Honda NSX

According to AutoExpress magazine, you'll need to stump up a £5,000 deposit to get yourself a slot on the waiting list. No word as yet on the final list price.

Not much more is known about the technology on offer from the new NSX baring the petrol-electric hybrid basics. What we can say for sure is that it has a lot to live up to in the context of the original model, which had development input from driving god Ayrton Senna, went on sale in 1990 and survived for 15 years.


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