Land Rover Discovery Sport is a USB charging hub on wheels

Land Rover Discovery Sport
Six USB ports, seven seats and a whole lot of Land Rover

You can never have enough USB sockets. That's the apparent thinking behind the all-new Land Rover Discovery Sport, which packs up to six of the Universal Serial Bus blighters.

Actually, we're constantly amazed by how few charging ports and USB ports even the latest cars tend to offer. It's surely pretty trivial to pepper a few about the cabin.

Typically, one or two up front is the best you can hope for. So Land Rover's decision to offer USB charging ports for all three rows of seating is a genuine boon.

Of course, there's a lot more to the new Discovery than a few USB sockets. Stylistically, it's closely related to the Discovery Vision concept Land Rover unveiled in Ney York City earlier this year .

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Discovery Sport gets Land Rover's new multimedia system

Like all LandRover's, it gets some pretty nifty driving dynamics tech. Highlights include the lauded Terrain Response syste, which makes off-road driving a cynch, and autonomous emergency braking.

Fancy features

As for the fancier features from the Discovery Vision concept – augemented reality displays, smart glass, context-aware infotainment and all that concept-car jazz – it's not a hge surprise to find them missing from the feature list.

That said, we are looking forward to taking Land Rover's In Control app for a spin. It's Land Rover's take on smartphone syncing and integration and forms part of a new infotainment platform. It will be interesting to see how it compares with the likes of BMW iDrive and Audi MMI.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Clever Terrain Response system boosts the Discovery Sport's off-roading ability

For the record, the new Land Rover Discovery Sport launches with 2.2-litre SD4 turbodiesel engine producing 190hp. There's also featuring stop-start technology, high-pressure direct injection, low-friction internal components and smart regenerative charging. Both 9-speed automatic and 6-speed manual transmissions are available.

Later in 2015, a highly efficient two wheel drive eD4 turbodiesel engine will join the range with CO2 emissions from just 119g/km.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport goes on sale in January for £32,395 in the UK and $38,920 Stateside.


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