Ford and Amazon tie-up lets you control your car with your voice

Ford SYNC 3 with Amazon Echo

Ford and Amazon have announced the two brands are 'exploring ways' to get cars with Sync technology to communicate with smart home devices, meaning you could start your car just by telling your Amazon Echo that you're about to take a drive.

The two-way communications would then use Amazon's Alexa commands to access remote vehicle features on cars with Sync Connect, or tell your home to get ready for your arrival as you approach.

Remote start, locking/unlocking, checking your fuel levels, finding your car and other functions would be accessible from an Amazon Echo, so you would never have to pick up your phone for such simple tasks, if that's your thing.

If you want to chat to your home while out driving, you'll be able to use Alexa's smart home link functions to control your lights, garage door and other Amazon Echo-compatible Internet-connected devices.

For owners that don't have the latest Sync Connect technology, Ford is working on integrating support for the Wink smart home platform and vehicles with SYNC AppLink support.

'Heat up my TV dinner for one'

This would enable drivers to use in-car voice commands to control home functions, so you can ask the car to close the garage door as you're pulling out or turn on your heating when you're on your way home.

Amazon confirmed during Ford's press conference at CES that the service will be offered to customers 'later this year'.

I don't think I'd ever want to control my car via voice with an Amazon Echo, aside from the initial novelty, but controlling smart home devices from my car is something I look forward to, especially garage doors.

Theoretically, with location-based services integration, I could have the car send commands automatically when I get within a certain distance from my house, so my lights are turned on, soothing music starts playing and my garage door would open when I'm two blocks away, without the need of an additional in-car device.

It doesn't really make my life better in any meaningful way, but it would be cool.