Apple is reportedly in talks to buy car maker McLaren [Updated]


Update: It seems you might not want to hold your breath for an Apple/McLaren mashup after all.

The luxury car maker has come out and categorically denied reports of any Apple acquisition or investment in the firm.

"There's no takeover, no strategic investment," a McLaren spokesperson told Business Insider. "It's completely untrue."

It's still possible Apple at one time contemplated buying McLaren, and it could always bring an offer to the table in the future. Until then, we'll keep digging for more on Apple's automotive plans.

Original story below...

Apple has approached the British car company McLaren about a potential takeover, according to a report from Financial Times' Tim Bradshaw and Matthew Garrahan.

It's no secret, or at least it's a very badly kept one, that Apple has been developing an interest in car technology for the past couple of years.

While the company is in the development process and what its full intentions with regards to an Apple Car isn't quite as clear, but entering into talks with McLaren does suggest that Apple's automotive industry dream isn't dead.

Could we see an iCar?

The Financial Times reports that talks between the companies started several months ago and that Apple is considering a strategic investment in McLaren, if not a full takeover.

As a company known for developing supercars and owning its very own Formula 1 team, McLaren's automotive and engineering expertise could be essential for furthering any Apple Car project that's in the works.

McLaren has reportedly been valued at around £1 billion but since it's recently gone through a few periods of loss, Apple could be timing its approach just right.

As yet, though, there's been no guarantee from either side that a deal will be made and neither Apple nor McLaren have been able to provide comment.

If a deal did go ahead, it's likely to be some time before we'd hear anything about a possible Apple Car project. In the meantime the closest thing we have is Apple CarPlay.

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