New FujiFilm cameras announced

FujiFilm Finepix
The Z200FD: bringing people closer together

FujiFilm has announced the latest addition to its FinePix range, the A850. This entry-level camera houses an 8-megapixel sensor, 3x optical zoom, a 2.5in LCD monitor and ISO 800 sensitivity.

As it’s aimed at those who just want to ‘point and shoot’, the A850 comes with 14 pre-set scene modes, including the obligatory Sun, Snow and Sports, so you don’t have to manually mess around with the controls to take decent images.

Disappointingly, FujiFilm has opted to power the cam with AA batteries, rather than rechargeable lithium-ion. This may irk those who don’t want to take a load of batteries away with them when picture snapping.

The A850 does contain 24MB of internal memory, though, so if you do forget to pack a memory card, at least you can still take a few snaps (OK, maybe two if you're lucky).

Slim and trim

Don’t worry if you don’t fancy the bulk of the A850, as FujiFilm has also announced the FinePix Z200FD, a successor to its Z100FD range.

This 10-megapixel camera is just 20mm thin, houses a 2.7in LCD screen and has a more-than respectable 5x optical zoom.

And for all you lovers out there, there’s a new ‘Couple Timer’ face detection option that changes settings on the camera depending how close you are to your loved one. So, if you want a lovely picture of the two of you cheek to cheek, choose ‘3 hearts’ and the camera will wait till your faces are together before it takes the picture. Aww, isn’t that sweet?

The FinePix A850 will be available from July, while the FinePix Z200FD is out in Japan in June. No prices have been announced.

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