B&O BeoVision Eclipse is an LG OLED TV with big style and sound upgrades

Bang and Olufson has revealed its first 4K OLED TV at IFA 2017 and is making some big claims about it being “the ultimate TV experience.”

Created in partnership with LG, the BeoVision Eclipse is both a 4K OLED TV and a 450 Watt, 3 channel SoundCentre with built-in internet radio and wireless music streaming support.

When it comes to TVs, looking good is obviously important and whether you choose the 55 or 65-inch model, you’ll be getting a 4K LG OLED screen with HDR support for Dolby Vision.

Sounds as good as it looks

Being customizable to suit the consumer seems to be a big focus for the BeoVision Eclipse. 

In supporting LG’s WebOS 3.5 software, it gives you the ability to pick and choose between apps like Netflix, Amazon and YouTube for your video streaming, Spotify Connect, Chromecast, AirPlay audio or even simple Bluetooth streaming for your music, and it supports any Blu-ray player brand you may want to plug in.

Aside from customisable software, the speaker system can also be expanded to enable surround sound; simply connect some of BeoLab’s wireless speakers and set the TV’s speaker as the center channel and you’ll be ready to go. 

Not content to stop there, B&O has also made it possible to easily move where the TV is located in your home with a motorized stand. Unhappy with the way the light is hitting the screen? Simply use a remote control and make the screen move across the room. 

Though this sounds great, we're not entirely sure how comfortable we are with the idea of an expensive TV trundling around the room on wheels. More likely than not, we'd use the remote and follow closely behind the TV with our hearts in our throats and our arms hovering protectively. 

If you prefer your TV wall-mounted, there’s also a motorized bracket which gives you control over which direction the TV is facing and sounds much more safe. 

The Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Eclipse will be available from September, with the 55-inch model with wall bracket priced at £8,290/US$10,990/AU$13,990. The 65-inch model will be more at £11,590/US$15,990/AU$19,990.

TechRadar is attending IFA right now, where we’ll try to get hands-on with the BeoVision Eclipse and give you our first impressions as soon as possible.

  • IFA 2017 is Europe's biggest tech show. The TechRadar team is in Berlin to bring you all the breaking news and hands-on first impressions of new phones, watches and other tech as they're announced.  
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