Pioneer announces four new Blu-ray players

The BDP-LX08 is part of Pioneer's luxury range
The BDP-LX08 is part of Pioneer's luxury range

News about the BPD-LX71 and the BDP-51FD has been around some time, but Pioneer has surprised us all by announcing it is to release four new Blu-ray players this year.

The aforementioned BPD-LX71 and the BDP-51FD will be Profile 1.1, meaning the systems will be able to play Bonus View content such as picture-in-picture commentaries and the like. A third Profile 1.1 player is also being released, called the BDP-LX08.

All these players will be able to handle 1080p 24fps pictures, so Blu-ray discs should play 'as the director intended'. Audio-wise, the machines will play DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD with 7.1 channel sound. Both the LX71 and the LX08 are part of Pioneer's 'luxury' range.

Profile 2.0

The BDP-LX91 will be Pionner's first BD-Live player, and is set to arrive in UK stores this winter. As the BDP-LX91 is Profile 2.0, it is arguably the most future proof player from the range, but this really does depend on whether you are interested in BD-Live content, which will include live chat and access to internet-only special features.

No prices have been announced, but expect the BPD-LX71, BDP-51FD and BDP-LX08 to land in stores in the autumn. The BDP-LX91 will be available in the winter.

Marc Chacksfield

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