Tidal offers up Led Zeppelin in lossless quality for the first time

Led Zep

Tidal has made great waves (no, we're not sorry) in getting lossless music to us over the last few months. Now, the firm has announced that six Led Zeppelin albums are available on its streaming service, and have been remastered by none other than guitarist Jimmy Page.

For Led Zeppelin, and Page, he says in an interview with the Tidal blog that " for Led Zeppelin, the criteria of it was always - and still is - quality".

He also mentions that when Atlantic Records put out the first CDs "They were horrible! Absolutely appalling. And it was insulting". So you can see he's a man that takes this process very seriously.

Jimmy Page is the right man for the job

He was also the producer when the albums were originally released, so it was him who did the original sound mix, he says ""I was the producer, so I was in the studio more than everybody else," he tells me.

"Plus, I did all the mixing. Often, especially as we got to 8-tracks for the second album and 16-tracks later, there wouldn't just be the engineer's hands on the mixing desk. I was there, too".

If you're a Led Zep fan, then it sounds like the love and effort that has gone into these releases might be worth the £19.99 per month Tidal subscription. If you're not sure, Tidal also has a seven day trial subscription.

In case you missed the news, Tidal's parent company, Aspiro Group is currently being taken over by a company that represents US-based musician Jay-Z. This could be big news for the firm, and open up more subscribers and make negotiations with record companies smoother.

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