Sonos offers an easy introduction to multi-room audio

Sonos 2 Room Starter Set
Fill your home with music

Speaker supremo, Sonos, has today unveiled a new multi-room audio starter kit.

Packing a pair of its excellent Sonos Play:1 speakers into the new 2 Room Starter Set, it is looking to deliver instant multi-room audio in one easy package.

Priced at £299 / $349 the new set offers a bit of a saving over buying them individually, making it a good option if the idea of spreading your music around the home appeals. This may just be a limited time deal though so if you've been hankering for some Sonos aural loveliness for your ear-holes it might be worth getting involved quick.

And if you're already rocking a Sonos setup at home these compact noise-makers will be completely compatible with your existing speakers.

Sonos 2 Room Starter Set

You can keep adding new sets too. Y'know if you feel the need to spread your music across every room in your sprawling country pile…

So if you want the music in your billiard room to be different to that of your leather-bound library Sonos' various apps make it easy for you to pick and choose.

We're huge fans of the Sonos Play:1 speakers, offering access to a huge variety of music from your local library to practically every single streaming service you've ever signed your name - and credit card - up to.

With the likes of Spotify, Tidal and Deezer all supported, and 100,000 assorted internet radio stations, you're only struggle is going to be choosing what to play...