Sonos admits difficulties with Spotify integration

Sonos' new touchscreen controller breaks cover
Sonos' new touchscreen controller breaks cover

Wireless music streaming specialist Sonos has released a new touchscreen controller, the 'iPhone-esque' CR200.

If you have already invested (heavily) in kitting your pad out with Sonos' kit, then this really is a must-buy accessory, offering a 3.5-inch full-colour touchscreen VGA display to control your music via the ZonePlayers in your house.

You can immediately access up to 25,000 internet radio stations and podcasts and, plus (if you are a subscriber) you also get access to Napster.

No Spotify on Sonos. Yet.

However, despite the obvious benefits of packing Spotify on the system, Sonos hasn't been able to engineer a way to get the free music service up and running on its devices.

"The way they [Spotify] offer the content isn't easy for us to be able to push that out to the thousands of controllers and systems we have in the market," Thomas Cullen, co-founder of the company told Pocket-lint.

The issue, for Sonos, is that the company "would have to build, and then install, a [Spotify] application on every device it sells - something it is reluctant to do," adds that report.

TechRadar has contacted Sonos and Spotify for further clarification on this issue. Right now, Spotify is fully focused on its forthcoming iPhone app, providing Apple approves it for the App Store, that is.

Back to the new Sonos CR200 – it will set you back £279, providing of course you already have all the necessary ZonePlayer hardware fitted in. If not, start saving…

Check out TechRadar's fully-detailed hands-on with the Sonos CR200.

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