As internet radio booms, is DAB doomed?

Why FM will endure

Another ongoing problem is cost. Digital broadcasting is expensive – Digital One's network rates are thought to be £1million per year. Digital One is the national commercial digital radio operator.

Things are a problem on a local basis, too. While the BBC is a DAB-devotee, smaller local radio stations see digital radio differently.

According to Juice 107.2 Director Daniel Nathan: "FM's low-cost and ongoing commercial use will work for small-scale broadcasters for years to come, while the economics of local radio on DAB make no business sense."

So where does all this leave DAB? Have you wasted your money on a set?

"DAB is likely to continue to be around," says Grant Goddard. "But it may become simply an additional platform on our radios, in much the same way as Long Wave is at present. Some radios of the future will include DAB, but some will not. In future, if you want to listen to a radio station that is only available on DAB, then you will buy a more expensive radio that includes the DAB platform."


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