Apple Watch 3 saved a stranded kitesurfer


The cellular version of the Apple Watch 3 might seem like an unnecessary expense, but a film-maker is claiming that he was saved by the digi-timepiece.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, John Zilles revealed that he was kitesurfing a mile off the coast of California when he wiped out and couldn’t get his kite to fly again.

He started swimming for shore, but after estimating that it would take him over two hours and remembering that there had been shark sightings in the area, he used his waterproof Apple Watch 3 to call the coastguard.

Then, after spotting the boat heading in the wrong direction, he called them back and directed them to his location.

Putting a price on safety

Now, he may have made it safely to shore without their help, but we wouldn’t have fancied a two-hour swim, let alone the risk of shark attacks, so maybe the Apple Watch 3 LTE is worth the starting price, at least if you do extreme sports and like to leave your phone at home.

Of course, you could always get a waterproof case for your phone instead, but Zilles claims he “didn’t want to risk it” and that by having cellular capabilities on his watch he’s feeling more freed from the addiction of phones, as he can leave his at home.

This isn’t the first time an Apple Watch has possibly saved someone’s life either, as there have been reports in the past of their heart rate monitors alerting users to potentially fatal conditions.