Apple Watch 3 may have a modular design with interchangeable features


The Apple Watch 2 is quite a thick device to place on your wrist, but Apple may be looking to tackle that problem for the Apple Watch 3 by bringing some functionality into a modular wrist band.

Apple’s idea would bring electrical components away from the device itself and into a metal link wrist band instead. 

These could include the battery, biometric sensors, speakers, cameras or even solar cells to charge the device when out and about.

The tech has been detailed in a patent filed by Apple in 2015, which was first published in March 2016, and has now been granted.

Wrist swapping

Possibly the most interesting element is how these modules would be quickly swappable. For example, if you wanted to include a blood pressure monitor for a few months you'd be able to click it into the wrist band to monitor your health.

When you don't need the module, you can then swap it out for another feature. It may also mean the price of the core Apple Watch device could drop, allowing you to spend the extra money on the added features you actually want from a wearable.

The patent shows the modules would be simple to click in and out of the wrist band, so you could even change the features of the Apple Watch on a daily basis.

It would also make sure your Apple Watch is relevant for longer - Apple has previously stated it only expects the wearable to last for three years, and a modular design would allow you to swap in features to prolong your wristwear's life span.

This technology is unlikely to be ready for the Apple Watch 3 - it's not even certain this is something Apple is actively developing - but maybe this is the innovative new design everyone wants to see from Apple's wearable.

Via Apple Insider