Apple is hiring a 3D UI designer for AR and VR, and it may be ready for its AR glasses

A new job listing posted by Apple suggests the company is hard at work on the user interface you’ll be using in future augmented reality experiences.

Spotted by 9To5Mac, the job listing is for a 3D UI Frameworks Engineer and says the successful applicant will “drive the next generation of interactive experiences for our platform.”

The job will be to make software for both developers and users to interact with hardware products during augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

The advert doesn’t specify what that platform is though, so it may well be this is for the augmented reality glasses Apple is rumored to be making.

Apple is putting a big focus on augmented reality experiences with your iPhone as well as the AR glasses, so it may be this job role is for both positions. The fact the listing is going up now does hint there may be a change with the way you’ll use your Apple devices in the future.

The future of AR UI

The job listing reads, “Apple’s UI frameworks define the look and feel of our software and products. You will have the opportunity to build software that directly impacts the way both developers and customers interact with our products. You will work with some of Apple’s most advanced technologies including the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) support offered in ARKit and Metal 2.

“Work closely with human interface designers and internal clients to define and deliver the foundation for the next paradigm of user interfaces and entirely new interaction models.”

You can read more about the job listing here, and perhaps even apply if you’re looking to get involved with AR at Apple and you have five years experience in software development.

Previously we’ve heard rumors Apple is looking to release its augmented reality headset in 2020, so we’re sure to be hearing more and more about the upcoming glasses in the coming months.

James Peckham

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