Apple could have the biggest launch event in its history later in 2022

Apple MacBook Air (M1,2020) Rear Lid
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Hold on to your hats, Apple fans, because the company is supposedly preparing a huge launch later in 2022, and this fall could witness reveals of the “widest array of new hardware products in its history” no less, potentially including a raft of Macs.

That’s according to respected Apple leaker Mark Gurman, who shared details of what we might expect to be unveiled in his ‘Power On’ newsletter (as flagged up by MacRumors).

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On the computing front, the purported launches to come include a refreshed iMac, a new Mac Pro, a revamped MacBook Air, and a fresh low-end MacBook Pro to add to the laptop mix.

We may also see, Gurman theorizes, a low-end iPad plus iPad Pro models, four new iPhone 14 versions, and a trio of Apple Watches, plus an AirPods Pro upgrade.

So, yes, that would make for a spectacularly packed event, but as always with rumors, we need to be skeptical about what we hear.

Gurman himself admits that he isn’t sure quite how things will pan out yet, and that Apple has a spring event to come first, likely in March or April. He describes this as the “appetizer for what could be a feast of new products in 2022”, but he acknowledges that the overhauled iMac could arrive at the earlier event (perhaps with the M1 Pro chip inside). Or another possibility mentioned is a high-end Mac mini in the spring.

In short, we may well see one Mac at the spring event, but this will likely focus on the likes of the iPhone SE (probably with 5G) and maybe an updated iPad Air.

Analysis: Banquet of products could well include a pair of new MacBooks

As Gurman points out, it’s typical for Apple to load up the second (fall) event of the year with all the juiciest stuff, as these devices coming out just before the holiday season sparks some bumper sales (beefy profits which are expected by Wall Street by now, of course). However, to see this potential feast of products arrive later this year would really be something, and no less than four new Macs among those ranks (maybe – again, this is partly educated guesswork on Gurman’s part, no doubt, at this point in time).

It's certainly plausible enough, though, and both the purported new MacBooks would naturally be keenly awaited, and are already strongly rumored to arrive later in 2022. The incoming redesigned MacBook Air (which is currently top of the list of our best laptops) is expected to introduce new color schemes and be thinner and lighter than ever, plus it could benefit from Apple’s Mini-LED display tech (maybe minus the notch, too). The Air might also run with a next-gen M2 chip (apply salt now).

As for the new low-end offering for the MacBook Pro range, this could also use the M2 silicon, going by recent chattering on the rumor mill from another well-known Apple leaker, Dylandkt, who claims that a new M2-powered MacBook Pro 14-inch will replace the current Pro 13-inch model at the entry-level. It will have a “slight price increase” applied, apparently, and the same design (and ports) as the current 14-inch models.

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