Apple could develop an AirTag 2, based on one condition

Apple AirTag attached to a keyring
The original AirTag on a keyring (Image credit: Future)

Since the Apple AirTag tracker launched in April 2021, we haven't heard anything about a potential second-generation version of the device – but it seems that an AirTag 2 is still on the cards at Apple.

That's according to Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most well-respected Apple analysts in the business, and someone who's usually accurate in terms of predictions and leaks. However, it's by no means certain that we're going to see a new version of the AirTag.

Kuo says that an Apple AirTag 2 will only happen if strong sales of the first AirTag continue, so Apple is waiting to see how popular the product is over a longer period of time before committing to coming out with a new one.

Steady growth

Based on Kuo's information, sales of the Apple AirTag are continuing to grow gradually: it's estimated that around 20 million of the tracking devices were shipped in 2021, and that's predicted to go up to 35 million over the course of 2022.

If that growth continues, Kuo reckons that a second edition of the AirTag will then be developed. It doesn't sound as though the AirTag 2 is very far down the line at the moment, if Apple has actually considered it at all at this point.

While it's hard to see quite how the first AirTag could really be improved upon, Apple brings out regular refreshes of all its other hardware products, so it would be surprising if the AirTag were to be left out.

Analysis: the AirTag is proving its worth

Apple wasn't the first technology company to bring out a little tracking device of course, but as in other hardware categories, it improved on what was already out there: the AirTag is something that appeals both in terms of its aesthetics and its ease of use.

All of Apple's hardware works pretty much seamlessly together, and it's the same with the AirTag. From getting it connected to your phone in the first place to finding where it is if it gets lost, it's all very simple and straightforward.

While Apple won't be happy about the headlines that have popped up about AirTags being used to track people against their wishes, the company has moved quickly to bring out improved anti-stalking features to make this sort of misuse harder.

From what Ming-Chi Kuo has said, it seems that sales of the AirTag haven't exactly exploded – but they are now picking up momentum as iPhone users realize how helpful they can be, and how intuitive they are to set up and use.

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