Apex Legends players can return to Kings Canyon this weekend

Apex Legends
(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Respawn is taking Apex Legends players back in time this weekend by bringing back the game's original Kings Canyon map for a limited period. 

Apex Legends may only be just over a year old but across the game’s first two seasons we watched the Kings Canyon map evolve before it was replaced in October 2019 with a brand new map, World’s Edge, which is still in play now. 

One of the best things about live service games like Apex Legends is that they keep things fresh with regular updates that herald new challenges, items and even maps. But sometimes you can’t help but get nostalgic for the old stuff, the original game that grabbed your attention in the first place.

Long live Kings Canyon

So those that have missed the Kings Canyon map will be glad to know that for a limited period, between February 21 and February 24, it's returning to Apex Legends in its untouched Season 1 form for unranked matches. 

Unlike previous restorations of the Kings Canyon map, this one isn’t in a different form or part of a themed event, it's just the old map you remember. 

Those who don’t miss Kings Canyon at all or are more than happy with the current set up will be glad to know that World’s Edge is still available across this weekend as well. Players are able to access it as part of a separate playlist. 

This could actually be a good opportunity for ranked players to refresh their memories before Kings Canyon comes back as the setting for the next half of the game’s Ranked Series Split which will run from March 24 until May 5.  

Emma Boyle

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