Apex Legends gets official troubleshooting guide for PC players hit by crashes

Apex Legends
Image credit: EA

We’ve been enjoying Apex Legends since the launch of this free battle royale shooter, along with many other gamers, but some PC players have been dogged by constant crashes, and the developer has acknowledged this by publishing a troubleshooting guide to (hopefully) help out with these issues.

Respawn highlighted the guide in its latest community recap on Reddit, in which, incidentally, it also teased a new gun coming to the game soon (more on that later).

Specifically, this is a “list of troubleshooting tips for those experiencing crashes on PC” put together by the customer service team. However, the developer notes this isn’t a “final solution” by any means, and observes that the various tips might just help folks as Respawn continues to work on proper fixes for the PC platform.

You can check out all the advice here. Really, this is a compilation of workaround tips offered up by players in the community, and the general idea is to try out the stuff that might apply to your PC, and see if it helps.

In other words, there are no hard and fast solutions offered, and this is very much a throw-everything-and-see-what-sticks approach. Still, if you’ve been plagued by crashes, hopefully some of the suggestions therein could work for you, or at least lessen the frequency of crashes.

Tweak this, tweak that…

The tips include playing with graphics settings, reinstalling the game (to the C: drive, and making sure external drives are unplugged), ensuring certain apps aren’t running in the background, and a common solution we’ve seen, which involves rolling Nvidia drivers back to an earlier version.

There are some troubleshooting tips provided for console players, as well.

We mentioned a new gun being teased at the outset of this story, and indeed Respawn tweeted a quick video clip of the ‘Havoc’ in action. It looks like this will be an energy rifle, and we’ll get to see it later today.

Data miners have turned up references to the Havoc previously, as well as the L-Star EMG, a machine gun that uses energy ammo, too (the latter is a weapon already seen in the Titanfall franchise).

Further delving into the Apex Legends configuration files has also turned up several possible new game modes, including solo and duo squads, along with gladiatorial ‘survival’ and player-stealing ‘recruit’ modes of play.

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