Fallout TV show announced from Amazon Prime and the Westworld creators

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Amazon Prime Video has teased an upcoming TV show based on the Fallout games in collaboration with Kilter Films, the production company that belongs to Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

Amazon Studios released the brief teaser below. A THR report confirms that the TV show is the real deal, and that Amazon has licensed the rights to the game series. The project sounds pretty early on, with no writer attached yet, but Nolan and Joy are overseeing the show. 

The script has a 'series commitment penalty', which makes it much more likely that the show will go beyond the pilot phase and into a full season when it's ready.

Here's that teaser, which is very Fallout in style:

Developer and publisher Bethesda is directly involved in the show, and will be co-producing the series, with key series figure Todd Howard attached as an executive producer.

Westworld meets Fallout?

Assuming this would be a live-action project, it's a pretty strong fit when you think about the world building and game-like structure of Westworld. For Amazon, too, like its upcoming The Lord of the Rings show, it gets a potential big-budget hit based on an existing franchise that a lot of people like. 

Fallout 4 sold 12 million copies at launch in 2015, so there's a big built-in audience here for Amazon to tap into.

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