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If you bought a Nintendo Switch on Black Friday and got various home goods, you're not alone

Nintendo Switch

At least a dozen Amazon customers got the surprise of their life this holiday season – though not in a good way.

According to Kotaku, a few Black Friday buyers who ordered a Nintendo Switch apparently did not get their electronics purchase. Instead, like a scene from How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, they found everything from condoms and air fresheners to Remington facial trimmers and dog food in their Amazon package. Many of them then took to Twitter to voice their frustration.

The mix-up seemed to have been more than just someone entering the wrong SKU number by mistake, as it happened to people all over the UK and with random items. One customer from Leicester, England evidently got a microphone and a tambourine, while another from Tutbury, Staffordshire got a copy of David Williams’ latest children’s book.

Some got it worse than others, finding only a pack of AA Duracell batteries and a box of dishwashing powder or a ream of paper instead of their brand spanking new Nintendo Switch.

Amazon issues an apology, but still no Nintendo Switches

What’s even more disappointing is that they’re now unable to take advantage of that Black Friday deal they thought they were getting.

It’s looking like they’re not going to get that Nintendo Switch they ordered, which means they might have to get it at full price or hope for another price drop before Christmas rolls around.

Amazon has issued an apology, stating that they’re investigating the incident. The company also promised to refund every customer, which is something at least.

Michelle Rae Uy

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