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Chad Brantly's iWeb Enhancer 1.1 review

Overcomes some of iWeb's limitations

Our Verdict

This simple tool greatly improves iWeb, but it could do with a better interface


  • Fairly simple to use

    Add custom code to iWeb sites



  • Clunky implementation

    Documentation incomplete

    Pages have to be located manually

Anyone who uses iWeb much is likely to experience a combination of happiness and frustration. iWeb produces some extremely good-looking websites, but it's very restrictive for anyone who wants to add anything beyond the basic toolkit of web features that iWeb offers you.

So if you're an iWeb fan, iWeb Enhancer should be music to your ears: it offers you the chance to add your own custom code - HTML, JavaScript, or whatever you want - to any web pages you create with iWeb, without having to use another web design package.

The program works in a simple but somewhat clunky way. Whenever you want to add some custom code to a page, just draw out a rectangle with curved corners in iWeb then add a couple of lines of text to the rectangle. In between those lines, you then copy and paste the code you want to add.

Save the page, publish your site, then run iWeb Enhancer. Hey presto! Your pages will magically incorporate the code into the page at the spot you specified.

Get the hang of it

That's how it should work, anyway, but getting to that point isn't easy. The instructions are brief and the spartan interface is awkward. The main instructions fail to mention, for instance, that if you publish to .Mac directly, you'll have to mount your iDisk and locate your iWeb site in it.

Because the app doesn't work directly on your iWeb files but only on the published versions, you have to run iWeb Enhancer every time you make a change to one of the pages with the embedded code.

But the program does work well once you get the hang of it. We tried with various bits of code, including a YouTube video, and iWeb Enhancer was able to add the code to our pages. It's essentially a batch text rewriter, but it will enable you to push the limits of iWeb's capabilities. Rob Buckley