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Amnesia 1.0.4 review

Amnesia makes sure unwanted applications are gone from your Mac for good

Amnesia 1.0.4
Choose what you want to remove and Amnesia will do the rest

Our Verdict

Cuts out hassle, but it could be worth waiting for the next version


  • Easy to navigate and control
  • Mostly effective in finding files
  • Warns of potential problems


  • Future versions likely to improve

Amnesia is essentially going head to head with the likes of AppCleaner, AppZapper and CleanApp, all of which claim to wipe every trace of unwanted applications off your disk.

But its real rival is the Trash: most of us are more concerned about deleting the disk space hoggers rather than tracking down tiny ancillary files.

Where complete eradication is an issue, however, Amnesia scans your disk for apps, widgets, screensavers, plug-ins, and preference panes. It also tries to locate any other files (except data files) associated with them.

You can then back up the files before uninstalling. There is also the option to tell Amnesia to ignore Apple products, and send warnings before deleting.

Amnesia interface

MARKED FOR TERMINATION: When an app is marked, Amnesia will show you all associated files (Click here for high res version)

We found Amnesia easy to use and effective, although it faltered at removing a Microsoft Office trial, leaving behind Word settings files. And since it's the nature of this utility to fix problems you didn't know existed, who knows what files might still lurk?

However, it could be too early to buy Amnesia. The makers promise some nifty features for future versions, including scanning for data files created by an app you're removing. Also likely to improve is Amnesia's internal list of the strange places that some applications keep files.

So while Amnesia performs, it might be best to carry on Trashing until the next major upgrade.

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