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LSD Programming Writer 1.3 review

This word processor makes WriteRoom look bloated!

LSD Programming Writer 1.3
Even in its windowed mode, Writer offers no distractions, forcing you to focus on words


  • It's certainly very minimal
  • Useful pinning and zooming


  • Not enough smart text options
  • No character count

Writer's website describes the app as a 'minimal text editor' and it's not kidding. This is a product designed to get you writing rather than distracting you with options or, for that matter, anything else.

In its windowed mode, Writer merely provides a word count and a couple of icons. You use the pin at the top-right to pin the window above others, while the fullscreen icon sends Writer to fullscreen mode, to block out all other distractions.

A little customisation is available. The app's preferences enable you to toggle a 'high contrast' mode, with yellow text on a grey background (more readable than the default white/black combinations), and you can define the fonts used in each mode.

Interestingly, the zoom button in windowed mode has custom behaviour – when clicked, it makes the window fill exactly half the screen. This might prove useful for working alongside references in another app, although we suspect people who enjoy such setups already utilise the likes of SizeUp for window positioning.

More useful, perhaps, is the statistics window, which provides an average words-per-minute figure for the current document. The lack of a character count and smart apostrophes is frustrating, and, on balance, we'd sooner spend an extra nine quid for the far more configurable WriteRoom.

But if all you're looking for is a sleek, simple, no-nonsense writing app, Writer fits the bill admirably.

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