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Blogger review

Can Blogger still challenge the likes of Wordpress for the top blog editor?

Blogger seems a bit basic but there is a lot to get stuck into with layouts and options

Our Verdict

This blogging service is one of the best out there and to add the fact it is free is very nice indeed


  • Good but basic interface
  • Can edit styles
  • Domain mapping
  • Publish to your own sever


  • Slow development cycle

Back in the day, Blogger was the ubiquitous leader among hosted journal services. It looks a little tired now though, especially next to the sleek Wordpress.

We put that down to two things. The first is a tortuously slow development cycle. Blogger looks almost the same now as it looked in 2004, when Google relaunched the platform.

The second is that, in an attempt to make it easier to use, Google has made Blogger more difficult to hack around with, giving it much less of a development ecosystem to make use of.

Still, Blogger remains one of the most complete of the free systems for hosting blogs and news sites on the net. Unlike or Vox, you can get to the raw layout code and edit it manually – meaning that you can have any layout you like.

There's built-in support for domain mapping on Google's free Blogspot hosting service, or you can publish static pages direct to your own server if you prefer.

Static pages make it slow to update sites – but Blogger's powerful and free features make it a perennial contender.

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