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Logitech Harmony H885 review

A remote that can be set up online

Our Verdict

This remote should be on your shortlist if you're on a tight budget


  • Compact size

    Quick and easy to set up

    Nice online database


  • Cheap-looking but actually pricy

    No touch screen

    You need a computer

The Harmony H885 has a killer feature in its PC and Mac-compatible USB link. You can hook the remote directly up to your computer and then - using the software and a surprisingly fat online database - enter the names or product numbers for up to eight of your home cinema components.

The appropriate info is then downloaded to the remote for the smoothest of setups. A step-by-step online guide also helps you along. The whole process takes about twenty minutes, which makes this one of the easiest remotes to set up.

If any of your devices have slipped past Logitech's eagle-like gaze, the H885's learning function allows you to go through the rather more drawn-out process of manually entering each command. Most remotes incorporate this feature, but because the 885 lacks a touch screen, data entry is more fiddly than most.

At just under £100 the H655 could hardly be described as cheap, but at the same time it's noticeably lacking the sophisticated feel of the other devices here. You don't get a touch screen, for instance, just a tiny LCD display. On a more positive note, the design is relatively compact (it's no bigger than most TV remotes, in fact), so if you don't want a bulky Sony or Marantz-style remote, this could be right up your street.

Overall, we're impressed by the Harmony's ease of use, and it's comes supplied with its own docking cradle for recharging. If you don't want to stretch for a Philips ProntoNEO, then Logitech's effort may be the converged answer you've been looking for.

Sam Kieldsen