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Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 review

As comfortable as a handshake? With who, exactly?

The squidgy scrollwheel isn't very helpful either

Our Verdict

The Natural Wireless Laser Mouse is entirely unnatural to use


  • Some may find it supremely comfortable...


  • ...but we didn't.

The problem with ergonomics is that sometimes the devices feel as if they've been lovingly shaped to fit the human hand, but more often they feel like they'd be better used with a hoof. Microsoft's latest squeaker looks like a mis-shapen potato and, despite claims that it feels as comfortable as a handshake, we'd be inclined to say that shaking hands with Mike Tyson would be better.

A raw patch on the ball of our hands and the blancmange-like scroll-wheel means we'll be back to our boggo pointer in minutes. If you find your carpal tunnel playing up, however, this could be a godsend.