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PNY GTX 650 review

If space is a premium in your build, this GPU may suit you well



  • Small footprint
  • OK performance at 1080p
  • Decent price


  • Not capable of full detail settings
  • Other GPUs offer more for a similar price

What both iterations of the GTX 650, in either this or the speedier, pricier Ti trim, have going for them is their diminutive size. They're both pleasingly small little graphics cards, ideal for the wee PC. Well, ideal for the wee PC that you don't really have any interest in getting decent gaming frame rates from in any case.

Okay, that's a little unfair - the traditionally Nvidia-lovin' Batman: AC will still let you top 40fps at 1080p at the top settings. Elsewhere, though, you're going to have to seriously tighten your graphical-pretties belt in order to make sure you're getting decent frame rates.

This is the same GK107 GPU that we've seen in a number of laptops recently - that twin SMX GPU being perfect for the power-conscious mobile crowd - and if you're running a 720p screen, at 1,366 x 768 or similar, then you're going to be able to get some decent gaming speeds.

On a desktop monitor though, dropping out of the native resolution will leave you with rather muddy textures and HUD elements really encroaching on your gaming environment with tough-toread text.

The HD 7770 then is a much better bet if your wallet, or better half, is limiting you to a £100 maximum for your next GPU purchase and you're looking to stick to the native res of your current screen.

You're going to have to make fewer graphical sacrifices to the gods of pricing with the AMD card than you will with this diminutive Nvidia GPU sat at the heart of your rig.

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