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Cooler Master V6 GT review

It's got the spirit of a car, but is it as cool as a convertible?

Cooler Master V6 GT
Automotive passion has gone into this cooler


  • Very competent performance
  • Neat and efficient design
  • Two fans


  • A little expensive

Cooler Master's V6 is named after the 'V' pattern of its six heat pipes, and follows on from the well-received V8 and V10 models.

The arrangement is supposed to help spread the heat about better than other designs where the heat pipes are in a neat row, and Cooler Master has the thermal images to prove it.

The V6 boasts of having over 200W of cooling power, which should be enough for even the most enthusiastic system builder.

The automotive theme is carried over to the overall look and, like a modern car engine, all you get to look at are plastic shrouds. The set of densely-packed asymmetric aluminium fins sits in a fan sandwich of two 12cm PWN fans, all covered by a clip-on plastic covers.

The copper pipes and heat spreader are nickel-plated. It'll work with all the latest processor standards: Intel LGA772, 1156 and 1366 as well as AMD's AM2, 2+ and 3.