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Logitech Alto review

A laptop stand that comes with its own keyboard

You'll have to use an external mouse with the touchpad sitting at that angle

Our Verdict

A high-quality piece of equipment, but it's not cheap


  • Excellent build quality

    Good ergonomics


  • Rather expensive

There are any number of laptop stands that bring your machine's screen up to a more ergonomic eye-level when you're sat at your desk, but Logitech is the first company to add a full-sized keyboard to the process.

It's an impressive piece of kit that takes up a good deal of space, but as the stand and keyboard is one unit, it's a compromise we found acceptable.

The quality of the keyboard is high and the overall finish of the stand is better than we expected from a laptop stand. However, at £70 (inc. VAT), it's more expensive than the typical unit. You'll need to add an external mouse, as you won't be able to use your laptop's touchpad too easily. The stand even manages to incorporate palm rests.

Overall, this is a great addition to your office kit.