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iTrip Auto SmartScan review

Play radio stations on your iPod

This device is quite steeply priced, but the quality is undeniable

Our Verdict

A superb update. SmartScan is a joy to use and guarantees a clear signal


  • SmartScan function
  • Easy to use
  • Great signal strength


  • Expensive

We're not going to beat around the bush: this update to Griffin's iTrip is the best in-car FM transmitter for iPods and iPhones that we know of. It blew us away with some excellent qualities.

The best feature is SmartScan, a one-button scanning feature that scans the airwaves and saves the three clearest results as preset channels.

This is a great time-saver; just press the preset option and take your pick from the three open signals.

Strong signal

A bright and friendly white-on-black LED display is on hand to help, and a very simple menu system controlled by three buttons is headache-free to operate.

Equally impressive is the signal strength, which was enough to strongly overlay Radio 1's 99.5FM signal. This means you won't have to flick channels to get a better reception.

The price is high, but the quality is undeniable. If you're in the market for kit to broadcast your iPod to your in-car radio, then look no further.