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TwinMOS BooM1 2.1 audio system review

Minimalist look and price, but not features and performance

An iPod sits between two banana-shaped speakers and in front of a USB input

Our Verdict

Slimline and packed with features, this unusual speaker is irresistible


  • Sleek design

    Good iPod syncing from remote


These great-value iPod speakers sport a minimalist look. Although its long, bicycle handlebar shaped dock can be hooked-up to an included (and rather stylish) subwoofer, it doesn't quite create the mess of cabling that blights similar efforts. And the TwinMOS sounds good too.

Harlem shuffle

An iPod sits between two banana-shaped speakers and in front of a USB input especially for Shufflers. It's got touch sensitive volume, but everything else is controlled with a remote, leaving the fascia uncluttered.

The remote can alter the level of the bass from the delightfully mushroom-shaped subwoofer, as well as randomising an iPod - a nice feature.

Simply attach the 3.5mm lead from the subwoofer to the main unit, which has a power button in its reverse. You can't put an iPod Shuffle and a regular iPod in at the same time, but the provision of a composite video output allows you to hook-up the BooM1 to a TV for viewing video or photos.

A play of Muse' Supermassive Black Hole receives a treble-heavy treatment, but with superbly wide stereo separation. The sub adds much-needed extra oomph and the overall sound is very effective. It's necessary to adjust the sub occasionally, but this is almost the equal of the much more expensive KEF Picoforte One system, looks better and it costs a good deal less. Great value.