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Robot priest marries Japanese couple

i-Fairy robot marries Japanese couple in Tokyo
i-Fairy robot marries Japanese couple in Tokyo

Japan has hosted the world's first robot-conducted wedding ceremony, as a Tokyo couple were married by an automaton called the 'i-Fairy' this month.

The i-Fairy priest married Tomohiro Shibata and Satoko Inoue at a rooftop ceremony in Tokyo.

Both humans work in Japan's thriving robotics industry, so they had decided to repay their debt to artificially intelligent 'bots by having one marry them!

The four-foot tall i-Fairy features flashing eyes and plastic pigtail.

Integrated robotics

"It's true that robots are what caused us to first begin going out, and as suggested by my wife, we decided that we wanted to try this sort of wedding," Shibata said at the landmark ceremony.

"I always felt that robots would become more integrated into people's everyday lives. This cute robot is part of my company, I decided that I would love to have it at my ceremony," added his blushing bride.

Inoue works for Kokoro Ltd, makers of the i-Fairy and her husband is one of the company's clients.

Via Reuters and BBC